Drainage is more than just basic waste water disposal. Increasing living standards have made acoustic comfort even more important. Akatherm dBlue offers a unique combination of acoustic performance, weight, resistance and mechanical strength.



• Certified at a noise transmission level of 18 dB at a water flow of 4 l/s according European Standard EN 14366.
• High resistance against heat (peak 95C) and chemicals.
• Diameter range 40 - 200 mm
• Acoustic system brackets for faster installation available
• Triple layer pipe for acoustic and rigid performance
• Polypropylene pipes and fittings provide resistance against incrustation and blockage
• Availability of acoustic traps: floor, P- & S-traps

Why more and more buildings are installed with Akatherm dBlue:

• Low cost of installation (20-40% lower than cast iron)
• Fast installation time: push in and ready!
• Low maintenance cost (little risk of incrustation or blockage due to smooth surface of PP)
• Option to use Akatherm single stack system with Akavent
• No electrical tools needed
• No high temperature spread (unlike cast iron) with use of fire collars
• No corrosion
• 10 year product warranty
• Acoustically tested by leading European and Australian institute
• 100% recyclable

For more information, visit the website https://www.dblueacousticdrainage.com/en

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